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Huchette, Urban Food Platform featured in international magazine

Horticulture lecturer Odile Huchette works with a group of students and community gardeners. She and the horticulture program were featured in Futurum Careers, an international magazine, to raise awareness about careers in horticultural fields. 

Odile Huchette, the lecturer in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design, brought N.C. A&T students’ experiences with the Urban Food Platform to other students around the world recently with the help of Futurum Careers.

Futurum is free online resource and magazine designed to introduce 14-19 year olds worldwide to STEM careers. The CAES program was featured in a recent issue of the magazine.

“With rural communities shrinking and urban and suburban populations growing, a lot of students coming into agricultural sciences have little practical experience in horticulture and food production,” Huchette told the magazine. “It is important to include experiential learning and develop programmes that are relevant to urban and suburban students.”

In the Urban Food Platform, students conduct scientific research, collecting crop and climatic data from sowing to harvest, and manage all aspects of urban food production in a working horticulture space that contains a greenhouse, raised beds, cold frames and hydroponics. Students also organise outreach activities to engage the campus and wider local community with the campus.